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The Drawings and Photos

Martha Perske:

The pencil drawings in the Nightlight Report are by Martha Perske, a nationally and internationally renowned artist, and are provided with her permission. Thank you to Ms. Perske for adding this special dimension to the Nightlight Report. Visit to find out more about the artist and her pencil portraits.

The following quote about Martha Perske is from the book, "Pencil Portraits 1971-1990":

"Martha Perske is a self-taught illustrator with a marvelous gift for showing a person's disability and natural beauty at the same time. She does it with pencil---- just a pencil.

Martha Perske's work has been recognized by most of the major disability organizations in the Western world. She illustrated major reports on mental retardation for Presidents Nixon and Carter, designed the International Year of Disabled Persons commemorative stamp, and drew the persons with disabilities for Marlo Thomas's Free to Be..... A Family. She was commissioned to present an autographed drawing to Diana, Princess of Wales, and she drew the illustration for an attitude-change campaign jointly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson and the Arc of the United States. She received the Healing Community Arts and Letters Award at the United Nations in New York. Martha Perske and her husband, Robert Perske, author and advocate for persons with disabilities, live in Darien, Connecticut."

Visit Once on the "Perske Prints" webpage, click on "Click here to view collection" to see a slideshow of Perske prints along with the personal stories that go with the drawings.

Parents of children in Texas

& Texas Parent to Parent:

The photos of the children in the Nightlight Report are included with permission from parents. Thank you to Texas Parent to Parent for assisting in obtaining these photographs. The children are our heroes and inspire us all.

Tricia Yacovone:

The colorful watercolor paintings are by Tricia Yacovone, who worked for several years in the Texas Department of State Health Services Children with Special Health Care Needs Services Program and brought life and energy to the program's publications and communications. She creates colorful and imaginative paintings as a hobby. She says, "I do it because it reminds me of special times with my kids when we did art together... It gives me quiet time to find an outlet for my feelings and thoughts in some way other than just writing."

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