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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IDEAS and ACTIONS................... Read This First: Key Information about this Report

Use the lists below to identify the individuals who have contributed their idea and action statements to Nightlight Report. Click on the name to go directly to the statement of that person. Or, scroll down this Page to read all 38 statements in order of date received (most recent received is listed first).

This Page also includes a "placeholder" posting representing those Legislators who have not yet provided statements for the Nightlight Report. People may choose to enter comments on this posting if their Legislator did not submit a statement for the Report. Click here to go directly to that posting.

Public comments have been entered in response to each of the statements on this Page and can be viewed by clicking on "comments" under each posted statement. Or, click on the "All Public Comments" Page in the Page Menu to access a compilation of all the public comments in one place.

Individuals who submitted statements to the Nightlight Report

Texas House of Representatives:

Anderson, Rodney (HD 106); Beck, Marva (HD 57); Berman, Leo (HD 6); Bonnen, Dennis (HD 25); Burkett, Cindy (HD 101); Callegari, Bill (HD 132); Coleman, Garnet (HD 147); Farias, Joe (HD 118); Fletcher, Allen (HD 130); Gonzalez, Naomi (HD 76); Guillen, Ryan (HD 31); Gutierrez, Roland (HD 119); Hardcastle, Rick (HD 68); Hilderbran, Harvey (HD 53); King, Susan (HD 71); Kolkhorst, Lois (HD 13); Lucio III, Eddie (HD 38); Marquez, Marisa (HD 77); Martinez, Armando "Mando" (HD 39); McClendon, Ruth Jones (HD 120); Miles, Borris (HD 146); Nash, Barbara (HD 93); Patrick, Diane (HD 94); Rodriguez, Eddie (HD 51); Shelton, Mark (HD 97); Straus, Joe (Speaker) (HD 121); Truitt, Vicki (HD 98); Villarreal, Mike (HD 123); Walle, Armando (HD 140); White, James (HD 12); Workman, Paul (HD 47); Zedler, Bill (HD 96)

Texas Senate:
Carona, John (SD 16); Lucio, Jr., Eddie (SD 27); West, Royce (SD 23); Watson, Kirk (SD 14); Zaffirini, Judith (SD 21)

Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities:
Larsen, Margaret

Placeholder Posting

This posting is left blank as a placeholder for those Texas Legislators who have not yet submitted statements of positive ideas and actions for children with disabilities for the Nightlight Report.

Statements are welcome from Legislators anytime and will be added to the Report when received. 

People may choose to enter comments on this posting if their Legislator did not submit a statement for the Report.