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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Action: Commitment to protect and improve quality of life

Submitted by: Representative Marisa Marquez

House District 77

"My office is committed to protecting and improving the quality of life of all the El Paso kids who are disabled."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting and advocating on behalf of all Texans who have a disability. You are respected by all, no matter where they choose to receive services, State Supported Living Centers and community supports.

Cecilia said...

Dear Rep. Marquez:

As a citizen of El Paso County, I thank you for supporting individuals with special needs. I want to tell you a little about our situation.

When my son Nathan was born (in El Paso in 1988) we could not find appropriate services for him. While ECI - Early Childhood Intervention - was great, the school system had much to be desired. We left in 1995 for San Diego; there he received high quality services & we were very satified. Now, in 2011, we are back in EP and at the bottome of most Medicaid waiver lists. I'm told it will be up to 10 years before I can count on services. MHMR has been of some assistance but its not enough.

There are many others like us. We are hoping to revive the ARC Del Paso in hopes of providing other families with some assistance. Is there anything you can do to help us??

Thank you so much for your continued support for individuals with special needs.

Cecilia Navarro Tanner