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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Action: Work to ensure resources and supports

"Perske Pencil Portraits 1971-1990"

Submitted by: Representative Harvey Hilderbran

House District 53

"I will remember the special needs and circumstances of children with disabilities, as well as their caregivers. I will work to ensure these individuals are never lacking in the resources or support they require."


G and B from Fbg. said...

Thanks so much for keeping these special citizens of our great State in mind. As foster care providers for our 2 adult daughters, we keep them involved in and contributing to our community. We take wonderful of them for a small fraction of the cost of having them in a state school or group home. L and C are happy, healthy, awesome young ladies. Thanks for helping us take care of God's beautiful creation and His loving gift to us.

BessAlthausGraham said...

Thank you for keeping our 22 year old son in your thoughts during these trying times. Keeping our son in the community, rather than an institution, has huge payoffs for our family, as well as the state. Shortsighted budgetary constraints can lead to devastating, life-long damage that the state will eventually pay for, without your continuing advocacy for our children.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting and advocating on behalf of all Texans who have a disability. You are respected by all, no matter where they choose to receive services, State Supported Living Centers and community supports.

evanwhitesmom said...

Thank you for supporting our children and families with special needs.My son is now 23 years old.He has a serious health condition †hat many succomb to in childhood.I am certain that because we have been fo†unate to receive appropriate supports for him, that he is still with us today.He graduated from high school last May and is currently going †o community college and doing volun†eer work on a part time basis. None of this would be possible without having the state funded he has. I am certain that without the support, he would not have survived to this age.I hope to be able to continue to have him participate as a part of our community.
Thank you so much for your support.

Kelly said...

Thank you for your work for children with disabilities and their families. Remember that children grow up - and adults with disabilities need your support as well. My daughter is 29 yrs old. She was born legally blind, has an intellectual disability, and has multiple serious medical issues. But even with all that, she is living a surprisingly independent life. She currently lives in a group home. She works a real job, she's a member of a church (and works in the children's ministry there) she volunteers three days a week, and her hobbies include acting with a community theater group. All of this is possible with her current supports.
But if the proposed budget cuts go through - my daughter's group home provider will go out of business. Where will she live then? The State School would cost this state *three to five times* what her group home costs - and she would not be able to work, go to church, be a volunteer - in short, she wouldn't be the asset to society that she is now, she would be a burden.
Slashing the budget for community living options and supports makes no sense - either fiscally or socially.
I urge you to reject the budget cuts, and support using the Rainy Day fund and/or increasing "sin" taxes to fund these critical services.
Thank you, for all your work on behalf of individuals with disabilities.