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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Action: Resolving to seek the best interest of children with special needs

Submitted by: Representative Eddie Rodriguez

House District 51

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"With renewed zeal, I resolve to seek the best interest of children with special needs. It is my hope that the Legislature act with compassion towards all children in spite of the difficult budgeting challenges we will face this legislative session. Not only can we ill afford to do less, we must do much more to help those who need it the most."


Anonymous said...

Thank you Representative Rodriguez. Children with special needs and their families know that you will continue to support them. As you know, they are often the hidden and more vunerable Texans -- thank you in advance for your concern -- Pam Farley

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rep Rodriguez for remembering our children. Children with disabilities so many times get left behind when it comes to the support and help other children receive on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

It is important to understand that the services that children and adult with disabilities are receiving right now are already limited. However, I just can imagine my life without them. As a mother to a child with disabilities, I ask you to support the services that make people with disabilities and their families go on. It just does not make sense to me to reduce those limited services when vulnerable people need them so much. Thank you very much for your support!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rep. Rodriguez for your kind words and support. The services my son receives through the CLASS program has given us hope for a hopeless situation and happiness in a life filled with challenges and future anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting and advocating on behalf of all Texans who have a disability. You are respected by all, no matter where they choose to receive services, State Supported Living Centers and community supports.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your ongoing concern for children and their families.
NAMI Austin salutes your compassion and welcomes a chance to work with you to find ways to meet the budget challenges, Cathy Weaver

Tamara Dixon said...

My son. Joshua, is 25 and has autism and seizures. Josh is unable to care for himself, speak, or keep himself safe. He requires constant supervision and intervention to help keep him safe, clean, fed, etc. He is in an HCS program. If the state cuts his services he could end up in a state program instead of the home setting he is in now. Please find other ways to balance the budget without cutting desperately needed services to those who are the most vulnerable!

Tamara Ishee said...

Thank you so much. I have a 7 year old daughter with Down syndrome. The services she needs now and in the future are critical to our family. Please urge your colleagues to oppose cuts to community based services and education. God bless.