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Friday, January 14, 2011

Action: Volunteering to support organizations and encouraging others to do so

Submitted by: Representative Barbara Nash

House District 93

"Perske Pencil Portraits
 "As a volunteer, I will continue to support organizations that fight to protect and work toward the advancement of all children, especially those with disabilities and I will encourage others to do the same."


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Nash,
More important than your volunteerism and your support of advocacy organizations is the direct voice that you and your colleages have in determining our state budget. Please consider this when considering funding for TX Medicaid, CHIPs, and DARS.

CTD/Coalition of Texans with Disabilities said...

Rep. Nash,

The proposed budget cut of $16B to health and human services will decimate those organizations you admirably assist as a volunteer and the people with disabilities they serve. I hope you will consider following your heart and speak out publicly to support no cuts to community services.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting and advocating on behalf of all Texans who have a disability. You are respected by all, no matter where they choose to receive services, State Supported Living Centers and community supports.