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Friday, January 14, 2011

Idea: Thinking of the challenges faced by children with disabilities and of the love and joy of parents for their children

Submitted by: Representative Mark Shelton

House District 97


"Perske Pencil Portraits 1971-1990"

"In my profession as a pediatrician in infectious disease, I daily see the difficulties and challenges that children face while dealing with both mental and physical disabilities. However, these hardships are readily endured every time I see the Love and Joy in a parent's face when they are finally able to take their child home."


Anonymous said...

I have three children. One of them is a special needs child. Texas is suppose to be helping these kids be as independent as possible and according to his outside therapists they are not. My child needs help and cutting the budget around here is just going to make things a lot worse and not better. I try not to go to anyone for the help I need because frankly a lot of the times I don't qualify for help due to the fact that my husband just makes enough for us to live on. But when you add all the requirements of our son we are way short. I don't have access to anything and frankly cutting the budget around here is just going to make it worse, not better.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting and advocating on behalf of all Texans who have a disability. You are respected by all, no matter where they choose to receive services, State Supported Living Centers and community supports.

Tamara Ishee said...

Thank you so much for caring about our children. They are all angels from God. My 7 year old daughter with Down sydrome is a blessing to our family. She has taught us how to find the pure joy in life! Please urge your fellow legislators to oppose cuts to critical services for our families.